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The Swiss / International Fund & Asset Management Officer Concept is a Training Program for Fund and Asset Management Industry Professionals. With the great number of participating leading business experts the training program provides intense exchange of knowledge and experience and brings together investment fund professionals and industry practitioners on four different learning levels.

International Fund & Asset Management Officer on level “advanced / professional” forms the fourth level of the program.

Subjects: Law / compliance, product & market management, strategic business management


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Training Contents / Modules

The training covers the following topics: fund politics, fund governance, fund law, regulatory fund environment (EU), strategic business management, development and intertwining of EU fund policy and EU fund law, consequences for Switzerland. The course extends beyond national borders, both in terms of content and geographical locations. 

Target Group / Requirements

Special requirements for admission (please contact Rainer Landert for further information)

Objective of the Training

The objective is to use the discussion exchanges with the lecturers, experts, workshop participants and colleagues to broaden your own knowledge of the fund business. However, a further objective is also to learn how to present your own knowledge to a target audience "properly" and in a manner that will be readily understood, integrating this purpose fully in conversations and your daily business and arousing interest. In other words, making your passive knowledge active.

Training Structure / Test

Based on “Swiss Fund & Asset Management Officer FA" 

City trips of two days each

Final essay (optional) after having visited (at least) two cities within two years.

Follow-up Training

Specific update training modules

Lead and Organisation / Class Teacher / Group Coach / Tutors

Lead and Organisation / Class Teacher / Group Coach

Dr. Rainer Landert

Dr.oec publ., VRP / Gründer Fund Academy AG, Zürich.

Rainer Landert

Diplom Lehrerseminar Kanton Zürich, Studium der Betriebswirtschaft an der Uni Zurich; berufliche Stationen chronologisch: drei Jahre CS New York (SASI), Fondsgründungen für Bank Vontobel, Leiter der Fondsleitung Swissca (heute: Swisscanto), FONDVEST AG und Gründer FONDCENTER AG, 2001 Gründung der Fund-Academy AG, eine Business School für Fonds- und Asset-Management-Profis, Mitbegründer des Forums Friends of Funds (seit 2003 in Zürich und Genf), Mitbegründer des B2B-Magazins für kollektive Kapitalanlagen, Mitbegründer der Investorenkonferenz Swiss Fund Forum (ab 2017).


a) SFAMO-Alumni: CHF 1’800 per city / exam costs (min 2 cities) CHF 1’800 (exam optional)
b) All others: CHF 2’400 per city / exam costs (min 2 cities) CHF 1’800 (exam optional)

Includes all meals/drinks, cocktails, lunches, gala dinners, local transportation; excl. travel, accommodation and VAT CH

Certificate / Diploma

a. Cert. International Fund & Asset Management Officer FA (min. two cities)
b. Certificate for physical presence (no exam required), for one or more cities visited