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Fund & Asset Management Officer Program
The 'Fund & Asset Management Officer' is a 4-level Legal / Compliance / Risk / Operations & Strategic Management Training for Fund & Asset Management Industry Professionals that offers acquiring and deepening of knowledge and intense exchange of experience with fund business experts. The four different levels meet all your needs from beginner to professional classes.

CSFA – Advisor
Regulatory basis & development, Risk Management and Corporate Governance at the point of sale (CSFA Advisor / POS) or for the management and organisation (CSFA Advisor / CORPORATE).

Specific Investment Trainings
Topic related offering that is continuously adapted to our clients' needs.

Fund Academy Summer Camp
All our alumni are very welcomed to join this interesting yearly event.

The course material is written by fund business experts and is included in our tuition fee. Examinations and quality assessments form an integral part of each course. In addition, all participants get a list with recommended literature.


FA Atelier Pratique MiFID PRIIPs Genève

FER, 23.11.2017

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23.1.2018 Zürich
5.12.2017 Genéve

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Fund & Asset Management Officer Concept (4-Level-Program)

Legal / Compliance / Risk / Operations & Strategic Management Excellence for Fund & Asset Management Industry Professionals (engl.)

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Fund Update Liechtenstein

20./21.11.2017 in Vaduz

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